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This is Poetically Brushed

Professional  Bridal Hair and Makeup serving the DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. Hi, I am Kimberly Grubbs, and I am the owner of Poetically Brushed LLC. I have been blessed with the opportunity of running my small company for three years now! I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 5 years. Poetically Brushed works on location for brides and their entire party. Depending on how many services you and your ladies need (gentlemen are welcome too) you can expect for me to show up with a few of my main ladies, Ashley, Laura, Sara, Noel, or Megan. These ladies are stylists and assistants, and are brilliant! Their work is heavily involved in the Poetically Brushed portfolio to give you complete peace of mind. I work exclusively with my brides, and am the only person who will style you from coffee, to mimosa, until we apply your lip color of choice! Poetically Brushed believes in the romance that each brides seeks for her beautiful day. From the first message, to our trial run, emails which follow, maybe even a phone call or two, until we finally reach your wedding day, we strive for you to be happy, feel confident and completely beautiful as yourself! There is nothing that is as wonderful as seeing you glow! It would be our pleasure to work with you, we don't take it lightly at all. So please, invest in yourself, be Poetically Brushed.